Resource management

Stud.IP’s Resource management section is concerned with managing extremely different types of things. In this context, these “things“, i.e. the resources, can be equipment, rooms or buildings. But completely different types of resources are also conceivable, for example one could register and manage office hours via Resource management or organise a bicycle rental agency with the aid of the Resource management feature. Thus, the primary concern is the management of different “things” or also non-material things such as office hours, which can be assigned or documented, in Stud.IP. What these resources exactly are is decided by the manner in which Stud.IP is used in each respective case and how it is configured by its administrators.

How does a normal user benefit from this?

The important location at which resources for the normal user are to be found is within courses. Resources can be assigned to courses and then appear in Stud.IP’s course area. In this case, the registered user in the course can not only see when the assigned resources are being used, but the also have the right to reserve them. Thus, for example, cameras can be assigned to a course meeting in a “Camera tutorial" course. The course’s participants can now independently register usage times and thus organise the lending of the cameras.

What are the benefits to me as a tutor, lecturer or administrator?

If you have extensive permissions in Stud.IP, you can create your own resources and assign any arbitrary permission to them. For example, as administrator of an institution which manages its own rooms, you can set up the rooms in the Resource management area and subsequently assign them to the institution such that all of the institution’s staff members have the option of either allocating them themselves or have recourse to them when setting up and managing courses. As lecturer you can, for example, create materials, which are to be distributed among the students in an orderly manner, in the Resource management section and either manage them yourself or even give the option of registering themselves for this.

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