About the Help system

1. Accessing Help

Stud.IP’s Help function is assessible from any page in the system. To get there you simply click on Help in the Header bar.

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Furthermore, some pages in the Registration and Login areas have explicit links to the relevant help pages.

The Help system always opens in a second browser window. Consequently, you can switch back and forth between Stud.IP and the Help pages and try out what you have read.

2. Scope

Stud.IP’s Help function also serves as its documentation. You cannot only solve your acute problems, you can also become familiar with the programme’s entire range of functions by accessing the Help pages. Rummage around a little bit, it is rewarding!

3. Navigating around the Help pages

Stud.IP’s Help function is context sensitive, that means that the software attempts to recognise the user’s respective problem and to offer an appropriate Help page. If this attempt should be unsuccessful, you are automatically transferred to the Help index, from which you can select the relevant topic.

The Help index is displayed at the left (marked pink). You also have the option to look for key words.

4. Miscellaneous

Three types of information icons are used in the Help pages. They are colour coded and indicate different operational aspects.

Green: This is an indication that you should try something out. There are frequently several different ways in Stud.IP’s navigation system. This symbol often indicates the most rapid option.
Yellow: There is something to be considered. In this context it is usually more in-depth information, which deals with responsible behaviour in the system.
Red: Warning. In this context, functions which result in an irreversible consequence are described. Never forget that there is no UNDO function in database systems!

The Help pages are not only connected via the index, but also linked to one another in some cases. As a consequence, one can quickly switch back and forth among related topics.

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