Synchronization with UniVZ

Not all changes can be made directly within Stud.IP. A lot data for courses or employees accounts get synchronized directly from the UniVZ to Stud.IP and can just be changed there. If you want that data to be changed, contact the corresponding UniVZ commisioner of your institution.

Following data gets synchronized.

Course data

  • Basic data
  • Rooms
  • Lecturers (no tutors, since this information is not available on UniVZ)
  • Appointments (they get synchronized comopletely, manuell changes on Stud.IP get overridden with the next synchronization)
  • Affiliation to institution

Important hint: If a course is not mount to the course catalog, they will not be synchronized.

Furthermore edit in Stud.IP are:

  • Tutors of a course
  • Titel und description of Appointments
  • Forum, files, Wiki, literatur, information pages, participants a.m.m.

Personal data

  • Surname
  • Family nname
  • Titel
  • Function within the institution
  • Affiliation to one or more institutions
  • E-Mail adress

Important hint For the first creation of an account you need at least surname, family name and the E-Mail adress.

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