Setting up new courses

When you are a ‘lecturer’ or higher qualified, you can set up courses in Stud.IP - please note that only in case your course does not exist in UniVZ and has to be added manually to Stud.IP this procedure is possible . You can find a corresponding link in two ways:

Link on the Start page

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You have the option to set up new courses on your Start page under the “My courses” item.

Link in the courses view

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In the courses view (click on the symbol on the header bar) you will find a “Set up new course” link.

Select the Course category

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First of all please select a Course category. The course category has far-reaching consequences.

  • In the Course search mode it is possible to search according to categories
  • The available modules and default settings are configured for various course categories differently

Attention: The Course category cannot be changed after a course has been set up!

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