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RandomAlgorithm Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 run ($courseSet)
 notifyRemainingUsers ($user_list, $course, $prio=null)
 countParticipatingUsers ($course_ids, $user_ids)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AdmissionAlgorithm
 run ($courseSet)

Member Function Documentation

countParticipatingUsers (   $course_ids,

How many users have gotten a seat in distribution?

Number of users who where lucky enough to be course members now.
notifyRemainingUsers (   $user_list,
  $prio = null 

Notify users about the fact that they couldn't get a seat and the waiting list is disabled in a course.

Array$user_listUsers to be notified
Course$courseThe course without waiting list
int$prioUser's priority for the given course.
run (   $courseSet)

Runs the algorithm, thus distributing course seats.

CourseSet$courseSetThe course set containing the courses that seats shall be distributed for.
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