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SendMailNotificationsJob Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SendMailNotificationsJob:

Public Member Functions

 setUp ()
 execute ($last_result, $parameters=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from CronJob
 execute ($last_result, $parameters=[])
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getName ()
static getDescription ()
static getParameters ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CronJob
static getName ()
static getDescription ()
static getParameters ()
static register ()
static unregister ()

Detailed Description

send_mail_notifications.php - Sends daily email notifications.

André Noack, Suchi & Berg GmbH
Jan-Hendrik Willms public

Member Function Documentation

execute (   $last_result,
  $parameters = [] 

Executes the cronjob.

mixed$last_resultWhat the last execution of this cronjob returned.
Array$parametersParameters for this cronjob instance which were defined during scheduling. Only valid parameter at the moment is "verbose" which toggles verbose output while purging the cache.
static getDescription ( )

Returns the description of the cronjob.

static getName ( )

Returns the name of the cronjob.

static getParameters ( )

Return the paremeters for this cronjob.

Array Parameters.
setUp ( )

Setup method. Loads neccessary classes and checks environment. Will bail out with an exception if environment does not match requirements.

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