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WysiwygController Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for WysiwygController:
AuthenticatedController StudipController

Public Member Functions

 upload_action ()
 a11yhelp_action ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StudipController
 before_filter (&$action, &$args)
 erase_response ()
 perform ($unconsumed_path)
 after_filter ($action, $args)
 validate_args (&$args, $types=null)
 url_for ($to= '')
 link_for ($to= '')
 redirect ($to)
 relocate ($to)
 rescue ($exception)
 render_json ($data)
 render_csv ($data, $filename=null, $delimiter= ';', $enclosure= '"')
 render_file ($file, $filename=null, $content_type=null, $content_disposition= 'attachment', Closure $callback=null, $chunk_size=262144)
 render_temporary_file ($file, $filename=null, $content_type=null, $content_disposition= 'attachment', Closure $callback=null, $chunk_size=262144)
 relay ($to_uri)
 relayWithRedirect (...$args)
 perform_relayed ($unconsumed)
 render_template_as_string ($template, $layout=null)
 __call ($method, $arguments)
 has_action ($action)
 action_url ($action)
 action_link ($action)
 validate_datetime ($datetime, $format= 'H:i')

Data Fields

const FOLDER_NAME = 'Wysiwyg Uploads'
const FOLDER_DESCRIPTION = 'Vom WYSIWYG Editor hochgeladene Dateien.'

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StudipController
 render_pdf (TCPDF $pdf, $filename, $inline=false)
 controller_path ()
 getBodyElementIdForControllerAndAction ($unconsumed_path)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AuthenticatedController
 $with_session = true
 $allow_nobody = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from StudipController
 $with_session = false
 $allow_nobody = true
 $_autobind = false

Member Function Documentation

a11yhelp_action ( )

Display the WYSIWYG editor's help window.

upload_action ( )

Handle the WYSIWYG editor's file uploads.

Files must be posted as an HTML array named "files": <input type="file" name="files[]" multiple="">

Files will be stored in a folder named "Wysiwyg Uploads". If the folder doesn't exist, it will be created.

Results are returned as JSON-encoded array:

[{"name": filename, "type": mime-type, "url": download-link}, {"name": filename, "type": mime-type, "error": error-message}, ...]

Each array-entry corresponds to a single file, each file that was sent with the post request has exactly one entry.

Entries with the property "url" correspond to successful uploads. Entries with the property "error" correspond to failed uploads.

Field Documentation

const FOLDER_DESCRIPTION = 'Vom WYSIWYG Editor hochgeladene Dateien.'
const FOLDER_NAME = 'Wysiwyg Uploads'

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