Enrolling in courses

Up to now you have only in enrolled in required courses. Now its time to inform the system of your schedule.

  • You can also add a course via the Search link and Course search.

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  • A search mask, the so-called Course browser, with which your can enrol in your courses, appears:

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You can enter a title keyword or the name of the lecturer into the search box. The system then shows you all the hits arranged according to semesters. With the button at the top left you have access to a more complex search mask in which, e.g., the semesters to be found can be restricted.

If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, you can also click on the Search institutes or Search course directory. The operation of the system is oriented toward the user interface in the “Yahoo” search engine. You can either enter the search term or look through the catalogue below it. An exact description the the features is presented below.

  • For the beginning, we will make do with the basic search. Please enter the name of one of your lecturers or the title of a course.
  • Then press
  • You now see a list of your hits. If you do not see a list, the corresponding course has possibly not yet been entered into the system.
  • If you have found a course that interests you, click on its title.
  • You are transferred to an overview page, on which you can obtain more detailed information about the course.
  • On the right you will find an infobox with a door-icon . Click on that icon to enrol yourself in the course.

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  • You return to a Confirmation page. You can now enter the course directly or you may possibly be prompted to enter the password for the course. Passwords for courses are obtained from the respective lecturer.
  • Click on the Courses icon on the header bar:

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  • You see that the course has been scheduled. Now you can enter it (click on the name) and take a look around.
  • Now follow the Planner link on the header bar.

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  • If you click on the tab called timetable you will see that the course, which you have just enrolled in, has been listed there.
  • Repeat the steps described above to enrol in all your courses for the current semester. You do not have to leave the schedule to do this. At the top of the page in the information box, there is also a link on the right side for searching for courses:

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  • The schedule then displays your work week.
You can also enter weekly events, which are not listed in Stud.IP (card playing, sports courses, etc.) in your schedule — use the form sheet under Week view to do this.

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