Setting up and revising reference lists

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To set up a new reference list, click on the arrow next to your name. In the field, which has now unfolded, you see the following:

Click on . In the new field you can now assign a title for the list as well as record data on the first title.

You should not worry about the little stars and the percentage sign; they are only used to format the text in Stud.IP (little stars = bold type; percentage sign = italics).

Simply enter the author’s name, the title, place and year of publication between the respective braces. Now you can decide whether only you or other visitors to your profile should be able to see the reference list. To do this select YES or NO under the "Visibility of the list" option and click on "save" to save it. If everything went well, the reference list is now on your profile.

Digression: Formatting reference lists

Each list can have its own individual formation. All Stud.IP rapid formats can be used: the metadata is placed in branches.

Example: Inputting "A great title" instead of dc_title and 1999 instead of year in the following field

 **{dc_title}** ({year})

results in

A great title (1999)

In addition, it is also possible to only blend in certain data when this data also exists. The vertical bar | is used for this.

(to generate it, press the following keys on your German keyboard simultaneously: [ALT GR] und [<>](next to the Y).)


 **{dc_creator}** |({dc_contributor})|

results in

Author (additional authors)

if additional authors exist, otherwise only Author.

The following data can be blended in:

Author or originatordc_creator
Topic and key wordsdc_subject
Description of contentsdc_description
VPublisher, editordc_publisher
Additional participating people and entitiesdc_contributor
Type of resourcedc_type
Resource identificationdc_identifier
Relationship to other resourcesdc_relation
Spatial and temporal dimensionsdc_coverage
Legal terms and conditionsdc_rights
Access numberaccession_number
All authorsauthors
Editor with yearpublished
Link in an external library systemexternal_link

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