Preparing tests

If you desire to prepare a new test, select “A new test in …” and click on "create". The important functions for preparing a new test are similar to those used to prepare a survey. However, two additional items, which one must heed, have been added:

1. You not only enter the title, the question and the response options as for a survey, but you also enter the correct answer(s):

Attach:newtestborder.jpg Δ

You place a checkmark in front of the correct possibilities.

Then you set the beginning and end as well as the additional properties as you do for the Surveys:

Attach:newtestborderruntime.jpg Δ

2. However, in this case it is important that you also set whether the participant immediately sees whether his or her answers were correct, or only after conclusion of the test

Please remember that in a test in which there are several correct response options the participant must also be able to select several answers (multiple choice).
In a test it is usually inappropriate to make it possible for the participants to see the interim results of the test before they participate — remember, an accumulation of votes on one response option can influence the voters.

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