Administration of surveys and tests

You can administer the surveys and tests which you have prepared on your personal profile in the Survey administration area.

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You have the option of performing the following actions with regard to surveys and tests:

  1. To stop them: The survey or test is stopped and archived.
  2. To reset them: The survey or test is reset to 0 as if no one had yet voted.

  1. To edit them: The survey or test can be revised. Here you have to possibility of entering additional answers, correcting spelling errors or to reconsider the formulation of the question. Attention: As soon as one person has participated in your survey or test, you can merely edit the title and the end point of the survey, but no longer change the response options or the multiple choice function.

  1. To delete them: The survey or test is deleted completely from the personal profile, the course or the institution.

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