Work on assignments

From the survey, you can get to the specific topics and assignments. Topics are describing a superior group of themes, similar to a chapter in a book. Underneath the topics, you can find the assignments, which the lecturer or tutor provided for working on. Open an assignment by clicking on the assignment name. The “edit” button enables you to work on the assignment. It is possible to see some hints on this part, for example that assignments will be evaluated by peers (as in this case, find more in the “Peer Review” section) or that the editing is connected to certain conditions. Attach:Assignment1.jpg Δ You have several possibilities to work on the assignments. DoIT offers to answer directly in the displayed input field and to make additional notes and comments (underneath the input field) for yourself or for the lecturer. The notes and comments are always visible to the lecturer. Lecturers can decide that the answers cannot exceed a certain character length. You can see underneath your answer, how many characters are left. If your answer is longer than the given character length, it is not possible to save the answer. Attach:Assignment2.jpg Δ If you need to answer the assignment with a file, you can upload the file by clicking on the button “upload file”. Confirm your upload by clicking on the “save” button.

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