In some cases the lecturer decided that the editing of the assignments should be done in groups. If this happens, a request appears after the first log-in to DoIT where you need to choose a group for yourself. Only after choosing a group, you are able to work on the assignments.

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"It has been decided that the editing of assignments needs to be done in groups. Currently, you are not in a group, please allocate yourself in a group or contact the lecturer."

Caution, the allocation into groups will be performed outside the DoIT-plugin. For that, go to the tab called “participants” and then to “functions/groups”. If you can see a yellow double arrow next to a group, you can add yourself to the group by clicking on the yellow arrows. You can leave a group by clicking on the waste bin button, if the self-registration is activated by the lecturer.

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After choosing a group, you get an information note in the overview, which group you are allocated to.

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If you are entered in several groups within a course, you need to choose a specific group when you log into DoIT for the first time. It is not possible to register yourself in various groups in DoIT. Choose a group in the appearing dropdown menu:

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Please consider the fact, that the group allocation can only be revoked by the lecturer or tutor of the course.

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