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EvaluationExportManagerCSV Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EvaluationExportManagerCSV:
EvaluationExportManager AuthorObject

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($evalID)
 _EvaluationExportManagerCSV ()
 export ()
 exportHeader ()
 exportContent ()
 addCol ($text)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EvaluationExportManager
 __construct ($evalID)
 _EvaluationExportManager ()
 getTempFilename ()
 export ()
 getFilename ()
 getQuestionobjects (&$object)
 closeFile ()
 cleanUp ()
 createNewFile ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AuthorObject
 __construct ()
 x_instanceof ()
 isError ()
 getErrors ()
 resetErrors ()
 throwError ($errcode, $errstring)
 throwErrorFromClass (AuthorObject $class)

Data Fields

 $evalquestions_residual = []
- Data Fields inherited from EvaluationExportManager
- Data Fields inherited from AuthorObject

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $evalID)

Constructor public

string$evalIDThe ID of the evaluation for export

Member Function Documentation

_EvaluationExportManagerCSV ( )

Destructor. Closes all files and removes old temp files public

addCol (   $text)

Adds a row for the text

string$textThe text for the row private
export ( )

Exports the evaluation public

exportContent ( )

Exports the content public

exportHeader ( )

Exports the headline public

Field Documentation

$evalquestions_residual = []

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