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CourseWizardStep Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for CourseWizardStep:
BasicDataWizardStep LVGroupsWizardStep StudyAreasWizardStep AdvancedBasicDataWizardStep StudyAreasLVGroupsCombinedWizardStep

Public Member Functions

 isRequired ($values)
 alterValues ($values)
 getStepTemplate ($values, $stepnumber, $temp_id)
 validate ($values)
 storeValues ($course, $values)
 copy ($course, $values)

Member Function Documentation

alterValues (   $values)

This method provides the possibility to have buttons in the form that do something other than just iterating between the wizard steps, e.g. QuickSearch or fallbacks for Non-JS which allow partial form loading and continuing if certain buttons are clicked for value submission An example would be a button submitting a chosen institute ID, thus allowing a No-JS construction of a QuickSearch needing this institute ID for its own purposes.

Array$valuesformer values from the wizard.
new altered $values. If nothing changes return $values.

Implemented in LVGroupsWizardStep, BasicDataWizardStep, and StudyAreasWizardStep.

copy (   $course,

Prepares a copy of the given course by setting the necessary values in the given array.

Course$coursethe course to copy
Array$valuesvalues to set for course wizard
Array original values array with added entries for this step.

Implemented in LVGroupsWizardStep, BasicDataWizardStep, StudyAreasWizardStep, and AdvancedBasicDataWizardStep.

getStepTemplate (   $values,

Returns the Flexi template for entering the necessary values for this step.

Array$valuesPre-set values
int$stepnumberwhich number has the current step in the wizard?
String$temp_idtemporary ID for wizard workflow
String a Flexi template for getting needed data.

Implemented in AdvancedBasicDataWizardStep, LVGroupsWizardStep, BasicDataWizardStep, and StudyAreasWizardStep.

isRequired (   $values)

Checks if the current step needs to be executed according to already given values. A good example are study areas which are only needed for certain sem_classes.

Array$valuesvalues specified from previous steps
bool Is the current step required for a new course?

Implemented in BasicDataWizardStep, LVGroupsWizardStep, and StudyAreasWizardStep.

storeValues (   $course,

Stores the given values to the given course.

Course$coursethe course to store values for
Array$valuesvalues to set
Course The given course object with updated values.

Implemented in LVGroupsWizardStep, BasicDataWizardStep, StudyAreasWizardStep, AdvancedBasicDataWizardStep, and StudyAreasLVGroupsCombinedWizardStep.

validate (   $values)

Validates entered data, e.g. if all mandatory values have been given.


Implemented in LVGroupsWizardStep, BasicDataWizardStep, StudyAreasWizardStep, AdvancedBasicDataWizardStep, and StudyAreasLVGroupsCombinedWizardStep.

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