How can I get a Stud.IP account?

'Lecturer accounts (user level ‘dozent’)': Accounts from collaboration (e.g. lecturers) are normally automatically transferred from UniVZ to Stud.IP and just need to be activated. For this purpose you need to be added as a lecturer in UniVZ. Afterwards we can activate your account and send you the login data. In exceptional or very urgent cases we can also create a temporary account for you. However, this process requires a little more work. We will need a request from the institute you work for in all cases.

More information here

I forgot my password! What should I do now?

As a lecturer you can request a new password and your login information on the Stud.IP homepage. Please click on 'Forgotten password' and enter the e-mail address you use in Stud.IP in the following input field. You will receive an e-mail with further information. Please keep in mind that we do not store any passwords. That means that a new password will be generated during the password-recovery process. The e-mail you receive includes a link for the activation of your new password. Just when you click on that link your old password will be replaced with a new one.

Is my account going to be deleted automatically at some point?

If an account is inactive for several years (at the moment 3 years) it will be deleted automatically. If you want to avoid this all you need to do is to log in every now and then.

How do I permanently delete my account?

If you want to delete your Stud.IP account please send us an e-mail to your Stud.IP support and ask for a deletion of your account. After this you will need to reply to an internal Stud.IP message in order to avoid a mistake or misuse. Afterwards your account will be deleted.

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