You will have a lot of fun with the Who is online? feature. The mode of operation is easily explained.

On the header bar you will find the community icon. Hold the cursor to the icon for a moment; most browsers will display a descriptive text in this context: "Only you are online".

By clicking on the community icon you will get to the blubber page.

If you click on Who is online? you will see the names of everyone who is currently underway in the system under Other users.

The next column specifies how long it has been since he or she has performed an action in the system (clicked on something, changed pages, etc.).

You can contact other users directly if you so desire. By clicking on you can send a blubber to the user. By clicking on you can send an internal system SMS to the respective person.

On the left side of the figure you see the Contacts field. “Buddies” is the term for your friends, nice acquaintences, good colleagues… Simply for people whom you would like to know at first glance whether they are simultaneously on line with you. Perhaps simply to send them a brief greeting. To begin with, the Contacts field is still empty. You can add Contacts in different ways:

  1. A click on the adds the corresponding person to your Buddy list.

You can also add Contacts via the Messenger, when the respective people are not online.

If a given person is inactive for a certain period of time, he or she is removed from the list. Similarly, the person is removed when he or she properly logs out of the system via the logout link on the header bar. It can be aggravating if you leave Stud.IP without having properly logged out — after all the other users still see you in the “Who is online” list for at least 5 minutes and perhaps attempt to contact you. It is therefore correct "netiquette" to properly log out of Stud.IP by clicking on the logout link.

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