Administrate the learning journal

Click on the course where you want to use the learning module to activate the tool. Click on the menu item "more...". At this page you can configurate your courses content elemnts and activate or deactivate further plugins.

Activate your plugin by setting a tick at the learning modul and saving the options.

After actuvaction the menu item "learning journal" occours in your courses menu list. The corresponding symbol is a book.

At the administration page of the plugin the functions of the learning journals for the corresponding course get configured.

Furthermore you can set templates for study goals on this page.

You can choose if the learning journals of this course should be "available" or if they should need to be activated bevor usage.

The Interval length defines in what oitch study goals within the learning journal will be defined and graded. This option can not be changed as soon as study goals got set.

According to the option the learning progress can be set within the actuall cycle, the following cycle or within both. Learning progress will be shown as a learning progress diagram within the plugin.

Students can have the ability to send feedback requests to lecturers and tutors. Therefor single persons that should get the requests can be choosen.

For the input field for learning dialogs can be choosen between two versions. Either a simple input line will be used or an input field with an additional formatting option.

It is also possible for lecturers and tutors of the course to keep a learning journal.

Save your settings.

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