What is Courseware?

Courseware is a virtual learning environment
This learning environment is operated within Stud.IP. Courseware can optionally be switched on as a content element in every Stud.IP event. By connecting to various interfaces, Stud.IP functions can be used.
Multimedia content can be downloaded from the Stud.IP file system or from various sources on the Internet. Communication elements ensure the exchange between students and teachers. Tools like Vips enable assessable tasks. By combining and managing these possibilities, interactive learning content can be created with courseware. These learning modules can not only support classroom teaching, but also enable the concepts of blended learning, MOOCs and collaborative learning.

What is possible with courseware?

With Courseware you can create and use interactive multimedia learning modules. The modules are structured into chapters, sub-chapters and sections and can consist of text blocks, video sequences, tasks (requires the Vips plug-in), communication elements and a large number of other blocks. Modules can be exported and imported into other courses or other installations. This function is not only suitable for MOOC formats, but can also be used to supplement classic face-to-face events with online components. Formats such as blended learning can be ideally implemented with courseware. Collaborative learning can be implemented in study groups thanks to the assignment of writing rights and the use of courseware.

Origin and development

In 2014, the former Stud.IP version of the "Open University of Lower Saxony" portal was expanded to include functions that enable a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This installation was called MOOC.IP.
The functionalities of courseware, which was part of MOOC.IP, became very interesting for some projects. Therefore, in May 2016, courseware was detached from MOOC.IP and published as an independent plug-in for Stud.IP.
Through the use, among others at the DFB and at numerous universities, and the resulting wishes and requirements, the scope of functions grew considerably.
In 2018, Courseware was brought up to date technologically with the switch from require.js to webpack. This will happen again this year (2020) when the development team relies on vue.js.
Current state of development:
🔗 Courseware on Github

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